What to expect on your first visit

In our office we sell several natural and topical products to help alleviate your pain. While you’re in for your next visit or consultation, be sure to ask about these products and which ones may be beneficial to you.

Brief paperwork

When a new patient comes into our office, you will be greeted with a warm smile from our friendly office manager and receptionist, Tina and Joan.

These wonderful ladies will assist you with your paperwork and insurance research and answer any questions that you may have.


Once you’re in our treatment room, the doctor will sit down with you  and review your complaints and concerns. We will obtain a complete understanding of how your problems occurred. They will then take the time needed to answer questions about your condition and explain how the treatments will proceed.

History and Treatment

Upon your initial visit, the doctors will then perform several orthopedics tests and a range of motion studies appropriate for your complaints. Once your condition has been evaluated the doctor may wish to apply heat or ice to the effected area prior to treatment or proceed directly with chiropractor adjustments.

Plan your next appointment

After making sure that all of your questions and concerns about your complaints or treatments have been answered, you will then be scheduled back for a follow-up appointment to evaluate the effectiveness of your care.

Home instructions

Preceding leaving, patients will be given directions on specific exercises or methodology to be led at home. This may incorporate ice or warmth application directions, evasion of specific exercises or positions and additional home activities or additional duties.

Many people ask if x-rays are necessary and if we will be taking them. If a new patient has an existing x-ray or MRI the doctors will read them but they are often not an essential part of your first visit. If x-rays are required, there are local facilities where they can be ordered.

Once you become one of our patients, you become one of our family.

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